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Electrical Commissioning Lead

LotusWorks is an Engineering Services provider specializing in managing Commissioning, Construction Services, Calibration, Operations & Maintenance scopes of work within global manufacturing facilities. LotusWorks operates globally across EMEA and North America partnering with the world's leading manufacturers across the Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical & Biologics, Medical Device and Data Centre sectors. Our team of Engineering and Technical professionals is immersed in cutting-edge technologies and innovations. LotusWorks is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace, integral to our people-first approach. 

As the Electrical Lead you will be responsible for supporting the Project Manager (PM) in the execution of all electrical aspects of Data Centre Commissioning. You will act as the technical point of contact for the PM and technicians on matters relating to electrical equipment, infrastructure & control systems and support with development & execution test scripts, reporting, scheduling, field coordination, safety and training.

As the Electrical Lead you will be required to coordinate with the PM and Mechanical lead on daily activities and testing lookahead. This will include completing a daily update of test scripts status’s, issue logging, and risk reporting. You will be point of contact for all electrical aspects of the project and you will be responsible for Vendor field coordination, coordination of Approved Personnel (APs), coordination with Op’s, and providing system specific training and test script approval for trainee staff.

The Electrical Lead oversees the electrical commissioning for the acceptance phase of the project and will coordinate the Electrical Commissioning efforts during the acceptance phase of the project and report any issues to the PM as well as ensuring they have been logged on the project administration system (Compass).

It is implied that safety is a line responsibility and all personnel are responsible for work being conducted in their direct or indirect supervision


  • Complete 30%, 60%, 90% and IFC electrical design reviews ensuring to capture any discrepancies and logging the item effectively so that the information is captured and actioned by the designers correctly. Generate a report outlining findings to the client and design team.
  • Ensuring safe field execution of L2 Installation Verification Checks (IVC), L3 Pre-Functional Checks (PFC), L4 Functional Performance Tests (FPT), L5 Integrated System Tests (IST) and associated activities across the electrical equipment and infrastructure of the data centre. (Cross functional support is required in the absence of the mechanical specialist).
  • Support trouble shooting and fault-finding activities on systems, plant & equipment and logging issues through the Automated Commissioning Management System (ACMS) – Compass.
  • Ensuring a swift response to plant emergencies e.g. equipment failures to minimise any potential impacts during FPT and IST testing.
  • Review project asset list and develop an Equipment Asset Test Skip Matrix based on project documentation, specifications and client requirements to create a commissioning test plan.
  • Develop and review equipment specific method statements, System of Operation (SOO) and Description of Operation (DOO) documentation to create test scripts to effectively and safely conduct testing on equipment outlined in the commissioning test plan.
  • Develop test scripts for all electrical equipment ensuring to capture all testing requirements based on specifications, client requirements and project documentation.
  • Support the coordination of vendor field works, in conjunction with the General Contractor (GC), to ensure all works are completed as per scope and approved test script.
  • Review the documentation supplied by the Engineer of Record (EoR) group relating to equipment upgrades, modifications, and specification changes. Execute amendments as they arise such as discrimination study updates, changes to LOTO plans, etc. and ensure any changes are effectively communicated to the commissioning team.
  • Report on daily script status illustrating specifically what assets have passed, failed, or have delays / cancellations, and ensuring issues are logged immediately to develop a risk registry for assets being tested.
  • Liaise with project teams to ensure any system modifications or invasive works are communicated to the commissioning team and any works requiring support are resourced accordingly.
  • Familiarity with site SOP’s and ensure strict adherence to same for all activities performed.
  • Overall owner of all electrical equipment, infrastructure, test equipment and its installation/deinstallation.
  • Overall responsibility for the operation of equipment via EPMS & CX Manager control systems.
  • Management of testing activities and electrical personnel during FPT and IST.
  • Responsible for the application of Tamper Seals and the recording of their location.
  • Responsible for the development and completion of As Left Settings documentation once L4 & L5 commissioning is complete.

Skills Required:

  • Daily communication/alignment with PM and Mechanical lead to ensure prioritisation of works as required during execution of IVC, PFC, FPT & IST testing.
  • Provide updates / feedback to the PM and Mechanical lead for daily planning meeting.
  • During FPT testing, complete daily Commissioning reports and deliver updates in daily morning meeting.
  • Ensure escalation procedure is followed for all safety or business critical events.
  • Champion a culture of transparency and free flow of information between client, LotusWorks and other stakeholders.
  • Coordination with client on activities that require input such as electrical switching, equipment failure, etc.
  • Direct technicians on daily activities as delegated by the PM.
  • In the absence of the PM the Electrical / Mechanical Leads will act as the point of contact for the Client/GC/Vendor teams in addition to their own responsibilities.
  • In the absence of the PM the Electrical / Mechanical Leads will deliver daily meetings, client sync meetings, and complete daily, weekly & monthly reports.
  • Develop training material and Engineering Work Instructions (EWI’s) to ensure tribal knowledge is not lost and reduce the overdependence on key personnel.
  • Ensure that technicians are trained on all assets & control system and any modifications or additions to systems.
  • Complete all training assigned in a timely manor.
  • Supporting periodic review of documents on the relevant document management systems
  • Make required updates to training documents highlighted as being deficient by technicians.
  • Support the safety team in the creation & review of Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) documents for IVC, PFC, FPT and IST outlining specific safety measures to be applied to each testing activity.
  • Generate and keep to date Lock Out, Tag Out, Try Out plans specific to each testing phase and ensuring the process is followed correctly by all stakeholders involved.
  • Generate switching plans that outline, exact points of isolation, procedure to be followed and coordinate with team members and support personnel ensuring that all stakeholders are informed of the tasks set out in the plan.
  • Completing a daily Safe Plan of Action (SPA) outlining specific task, associated hazards and risk mitigation and ensure all team members involved in the task has read, understood and signed on to the SPA before work begins.

Education / Licenses / Certifications:

  • Electrical Trade Qualification / Electrical Engineering Degree.


  • VHI Healthcare Cover
  • Life Assurance
  • Pension Contribution
  • Training And Educational Assistance
  • Annual GP Check-Up
  • Extra Annual Leave
  • Healthcare Screening
  • Recognition Rewards

LotusWorks is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits discrimination and harassment of any kind. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees feel valued, respected, and empowered. 

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